Volunteering at Heritage House is a passion. We love history, we love the House, and we love sharing everything about the House with guests. If one volunteers at Heritage House, one can take the training and become a touring docent, giving guests an informed tour about the House and how it represents Riverside in the 1890s. One can also be a supporting volunteer and work in the gift shop, help with the Victorian teas, help with 3rd grade school tours, work on keeping the gardens spruced up and period appropriate, and/ or help with our outreach events.scooper

We try to keep the facts about early Riverside interesting and fun. To help us do this, we offer two educational events that are fun for the whole family. One event is the Ice Cream Social (last Sunday in June) where we take guests back to a typical Fourth of July Celebration of the late 19th Century. We serve ice cream flavors popular for that time period, provide games and crafts, provide demonstrations of how things were done ‘back then’, and offer lots of entertainment. We even recruit guest ice cream scoopers from the local government entities, including the mayor, councilmen, and firemen.

Our other event is the Christmas Open House (2nd Sunday in December). On this day, guests are treated to the House fully decorated for Christmas with live greens and trees, our special mulled cider recipe and homemade cookies, crafts, and entertainment. These events are open free to the public and we love seeing everyone and love sharing what we know. It takes us 3 days to decorate the House for the holidays and we have a ball doing it.

The rain on our passion is the rising costs for these events. Local vendors assist us by donating things we need or selling to us at ‘special’ rates, but in order to do it right, it is expensive. One of our most expensive items is the cost of the crossing guards that keep the visitors safe while crossing Magnolia Avenue. They take up half of our budget. It doesn’t stop us, but it is a fly in the ointment.

If history is your passion, especially old houses, talk to us and come join our fun.