Congratulations to the RMA officers and board members elected at the RMA Annual Meeting on May 12, 2016. Elected by the membership, the following will serve on the RMA Board: Peggy Barnhart, President; Steve Mains, Vice President; Shirley Lilly, Secretary; and Robin Whittington, Treasurer. Jim Ferguson will continue to serve as Past President.  Laura McMorris was elected as a Director-At-Large.

We appreciate the time, energy and enthusiasm our Board members dedicate to the RMA and to the Museum.  Continuing on the Board are Carol Annas, Jo Matza, Sue Strickland, and Carole Zuloaga as Directors at Large.

The balance of the Board is made up of the following positions, all appointed by the RMA President and approved by the Board: Hospitality Chair, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair and Ways and Means Chair, and representatives from the following committees: Trip, Gallery Docents, Museum Assistants, Heritage House Volunteers, Heritage House Operations, and Multicultural Council.

Looking forward to a great year as the Board faces the challenges of an all-volunteer non-profit in service to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum.