Heritage_House_-_Riverside,_CaliforniaWe, the docents at Heritage House, and lovers of the House, are excited to see one of our long-time wished-for projects moving forward.   For years and years we have wanted to reupholster the parlor furniture.  This furniture is purported to have belonged to Mrs. Bettner–at least that is what we have been told by the second owner of the house who bought the furniture when she bought the house.  We have a plan and a budget and have identified the fabric to be used.

Now we need financial help from all those who have visited the House and think she deserves to be kept at her best.  We have started a fund raising page at Razoo  https://www.razoo.com/story/W6cbcf

where anyone can donate an amount towards this project.  Please visit this page and give something towards helping us keep Heritage House at her best.