We have some of the most interesting members in the RMA.  Today, when viewing the California Humanities website about current activities and grants I clicked on the article about Library Innovation Lab programs and up popped the face of one of our own members, Vanh Bender. Vanh is an active member of the Multicultural Council of the RMA. https://calhum.org/announcing-september-2020-library-innovation-lab-programs/

I met Vanh Bender at a State of the City address two years ago.  She is a delightful person who has involved herself in many activities for young people.  She had written a book for her children to help bridge the cultures of her native Laos and the United States.  The book, Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers, has been shared not only with her own children but with children in our local schools for a number of years now.  As part of the Cal Humanities program, she will read the book at a local library and discuss her childhood in Laos and her journey to the United States and demonstrate traditional Lao arts and crafts.