Harada House

Harada House is a National Historic Landmark

Known informally as “The House on Lemon Street” – the house is one of two National Historic Landmarks designated in Riverside. The National Historic Landmark Harada House is among the most significant and powerful civil rights landmarks in California. Currently the Harada House does not have a designated group of RMA volunteers as it is only in the early stages of structural stabilization and refurbishment.

harada-family-largeThe house represents the struggle of one immigrant family to achieve the American promise of freedom, citizenship and a better life for their children. It was purchased in 1915 by Jukichi Harada who was a teacher in his birth country; the deed was placed in the names of his American-born children at a time when Japanese nationals were prohibited from owning land. Though challenged in their purchase in the courts, the Haradas legally kept their home and raised a family in Riverside. Later, during WWII the family was forced to leave their home when the U.S. government ordered the internment of all people of Japanese descent regardless of their citizenship status. This house and stories within create a powerful symbol of the struggle for civil rights in the United States.

This site and the story of the Harada Family embody local, state, national, and international issues of civil and individual rights, democracy, immigration, assimilation, and citizenship. Preservation of the site, collections, and stories ensures that these pivotal lessons of history will continue to be accessible for all peoples.

It is additionally worth mentioning in the context of the RMA because of its importance to the history of Riverside and the connection the house and its owners had with Riversiders and other notables of the time. The RMA is taking a leadership role in raising funds for the Harada House restoration through the establishment of the RMA Harada House Stewardship Fund.

Listed as one of the top 11 most endangered American historic places, Harada House needs your Help. Please help us preserve this example of diverse history to tell this important story

Both the RMA and the Museum have accounts dedicated to helping preserve the Harada House and developing an interpretation center in which this important story is told.  Use the link below to make a donation for this worthy cause,

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The Museum also has a trust account for the National Historic Landmark Harada House which is used for the Robinson House Interpretation Center and the Harada House Capitol Campaign.  The account is tax deductible as called out specifically in the language below.

You can make your check out to:  City of Riverside Trust Acct:  0000721-225468

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Account Number for City of Riverside Harada/Robinson Trust 0000721-225468

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