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What does contributing to the future mean to you?


Imagine losing your most prized family possessions through a catastrophic event such as a fire, a flood, an earthquake or stolen or lost through any unforeseen event. You would feel devastated no doubt by the enormity of the loss. One of your biggest pains might be the fact that you wouldn’t be able to leave these important objects to your loved ones, to your children whose heritage they depict, nor to your friends who have been a part of your lives. How would your children or your grandchildren learn about your family holiday traditions, or get to see the rest of your family who may live in other parts of the country, and how would they appreciate the artifacts from their own childhood if you hadn’t been able to lovingly save them through the years.

You know the value of caring for and preserving the things that can’t be replaced.

It is a little like the pain that you would feel within your own family  that the community, and the keepers of the culture feel when something that is recognized as valuable or has the potential for becoming valuable is lost. And while loss can’t always be avoided, it can be challenged.

For a museum, time is a great enemy. But a museum can restore and can preserve, and it can teach and make others aware of the treasures, all in the face of the great enemy, time.

The Museum houses over 100,000 artifacts in its collections and 2000 linear feet of archives in the disciplines of Natural History, Anthropology, and History. Furthermore the Museum is a center for learning, and it collects, exhibits, and interprets cultural and natural history. In a rapidly changing world, the Museum provides an understanding and appreciation of our region’s history.

What is at stake in this Museum is the legacy of the region. The richness of the stories of the people, the land, the events, the contributions to American’s growth and the great ties we have to those who came before us.

In just the same way that you wouldn’t want to lose your own family history, its stories and its mark in the scheme of things, you won’t want to lose or jeopardize your community’s treasures.  To avoid this happening, to keep that pain at bay, we must continue to preserve, rebuild, educate and capture what our community has created.

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