The Riverside Museum Associates are passionate about the rich, diverse, and unique history of Riverside We were founded to help assure that this history is preserved and shared with future generations by making it our mission to support the Museum of Riverside–the primary steward of regional history.  The Museum preserves the history of the region’s contributions to America’s growth—the stories of the people, the land, the events—and shares this heritage by providing inspiring educational programs, performing ground breaking scientific research, and by the care, study, and exhibition of the collections entrusted to them. The RMA supports them by providing volunteers to help in various ways, by extending the reach of the Museum through outreach and events, and by fundraising and receiving donations with the end purpose of helping the Museum care for collections, mount exhibits, present educational programs, and acquire exciting, relevant items for the collections.

Investing in Harada House

Investing in Harada House

If you have heard of the Ice Cream Social or the Christmas Open House at Heritage House, or have visited the house, then you have seen us.  If you have visited the downtown museum and been assisted by a docent there, that too was us.  Day of Inclusion, Family Village Festival, are also part of our extending the Museum as we bring forth the cultural aspects of Riverside history.  Bringing the plan of an interpretive center for Harada House into reality has been one of our endeavors as we helped raise funds to purchase the house next door to Harada House to house the center.


                                     Our History


50 years of past presidents

A product of the Junior League’s involvement in museum programs, the Riverside Museum Associates (RMA) was officially incorporated as a private supporting group for the Museum in 1963.  The RMA came to form the basis for continuing community support for the Museum.  In 1969, the RMA and the Junior League helped expand museum programs through the purchase of an 1891 Queen Anne-style home, today known as “Heritage House” (located on Magnolia Avenue, six miles from the museum).  It was eventually fully restored for use in local history interpretation as a house museum, and title to the property was transferred from the RMA to the City.

The RMA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.