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Help Support the Riverside Museum Associates

Donations, either general or specific, help the Riverside Museum Associates in their mission of supporting the Museum of Riverside.

The Riverside Museum Associates is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. As such, your donation is fully tax deductible to the full extent of the current tax law.

Everyone has a passion or an area of interest.
Can you find yours within the purpose of the RMA?  We  hope so.
Please donate today.  Become involved and discover the joy of being a part of the Riverside Museum Associates.

Prefer to mail-in a donation?

Please print out the donation card and complete.  Send this form and your check to:

Riverside Museum Associates
P.O. Box 52408
Riverside, CA  92517

Gifts that Keep on Giving

For a museum, time is a great enemy. What is at stake in our Museum of Riverside is the legacy of the region and the great ties we have to those who came before us.  You can help to ensure that this legacy and its treasures are here for you, your children and grandchildren through our various giving sources.

Inland Empire Community Foundation

The RMA has three endowment funds at The Inland Empire Community Foundation, a community independent non-profit organization.  One is the Heritage House Preservation Endowment Fund for the preservation of Heritage House; another is the Riverside Museum Associates/Rible Education Fund for education programs of the Museum of Riverside and the third is the Riverside Museum Associates General Fund which supports the programs, collections, and exhibits of the Museum.  These endowment funds make monies available in perpetuity to support a particular project, program or cause.

To help build these funds and help ensure they are here for perpetuity, you can give a gift or bequest to one of the endowments either by contacting the Inland Empire Community Foundation or on-line at this link CF Donations.  Planned giving is another way for you to make a gift to your favorite charitable causes. The right planned gift can provide you and your loved ones with tax and income benefits. For more information on the different ways you can give, please call Jose A. Marquez, Director of Philanthropic Services at The Inland Empire Community Foundation at 951-241-7777 or email him at to show your love and support for the Museum and its programs.

Community Partnership Program

The Riverside Museum Associates is also participating in Provident Bank’s Community Partnership Program in order to qualify at the end of the year for a donation.

By opening and linking your account(s) at Provident Bank to Riverside Museum Associates, the Bank will take the aggregate total of all members’ deposits to calculate an annual donation.

The annual donation has the potential to increase each year as more members participate. The higher the balance in your Provident Bank account, the greater the donation amount your organization will receive. Your account information will be confidential and the donation will come from Provident Bank, NOT from your account.

To open and link your new and/or existing accounts at Provident Bank by simply visiting a branch or calling  (951) 782-6177.